Says 65 – Shower bars – Dent cheque – A/C bullshit issues

2012 July 09 – I did some more work for ex-wife’s apartment. I also took back two shower safety bars, as I didn’t want to install them in her tiled bathroom because if I cracked a tile, it would be an expensive fix up job. She approached the apartment superintendent and he said that his maintenance man wouldn’t do it either and suggested she find a professional bathroom installed to have it done. She doesn’t want to put out the money, so she is going to look around and see if she can find some with suction cups.

July 14, A week after I arrived in Woodstock, I had the dents and scratches fixed by a local dent repair shop and had sent the invoice to Superstore back in Regina Sask. to get reimbursed. Today I received a cheque in the mail, paid in full. Thank you!

4:30 pm I saw the home owner upstairs talking to one of the other tenants and I complained about the A/C and how it was off and on at different times and also how it fluctuated between operating at different temperatures from 24 – 26 degrees C to 27 to 29 degrees C where it was at the present moment

He gave me all kinds of excuses including blaming the humidity of affecting the newly installed electronic temperature sensor. I looked at him and called him on his BS and he made up another excuse. After he had finished talking to the other tenant, he came out to the deck where I was and said he was going to crank up the A/C as I was hot as a firecracker. About 15 minutes later, the temperature had dropped to 26 degrees C and was still falling.

I was speaking with another tenant and he told me the A/C has always been a problem as is the heat in the wintertime as he often needs to war layers and a sweater to keep warm. I said what about a little space heater, and he said that they don’t allow it. Then on another topic, he went on to say that several times he has heard a noise outside his door, and when he opened it, he has found the owner (woman) just standing there. He said that she would act surprised when he opened the door, but not as surprised as he was to see her standing there at 2:00 in the morning. He also said that it just didn’t happen once and that often, she would be upstairs cleaning and running the vacuum cleaner at 3:00 am in the morning. This place is just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Says 56 – Back in Regina and finishing up last minute business.

May 26 – May 31 Recuperating , and beginning to feel better. A couple of days later I cleaned up the Toyota Tercel to get it ready to sell and posted it on Kijiji.

June 01 While I got enquiries for the Toyota, I never got any offers as people were leery of buying a car from Ontario that was not safety inspected and certified. I decided to spend the $125.00 and got it certified, which not only increased my odds at selling it, but also in getting closer to the price I was asking for it.

June 02 – 04 I started going through my things and began packing up the Honda CR-V. On Monday morning, June 04, I sold the Tercel to a young woman. Having sold the Tercel, I now had to arrange to get a temporary day permit as well as an inter-provincial permit that would allow me to drive the Honda CR-V back to Woodstock Ontario.

I had previously told my Mother that when I sold the car that I would drop her off at her sisters place some 150 miles from Regina and I called her telling her that I would be leaving on Wednesday. She said she wanted to go, but that she also wanted to go to the funeral of my brother’s father-in-law that had died on the weekend. I then told her that I would leave on Thursday. Tuesday night she called me telling me that she now didn’t want to go, that she wasn’t feeling that well, so my plans changed again. It would be a rush to try to pack up and leave on Wednesday morning so I decided to stay with the Thursday departure.

June 06 On Wednesday morning I had just put gas in my Honda, and was driving away from the gas pumps when a strong gust of wind blew a heavy garbage can off a raised platform and against the driver’s and passenger side door, denting and scratching them. I complained to the attendant who told me to take my vehicle to a scratch and dent shop and that Superstore (where I bought the gas) would pay for it. I went to the place he mentioned and after getting an estimate of $275.00, I was told that it would take 2 -3 weeks before they could fix it. I had no time to wait so I asked him to give me the estimate in writing so that I could get my money from Superstore.

I took it back to the attendant and after contacting his supervisor, informed me to get the vehicle fixed in Ontario and to send the bill to him. I really had no other option as I wanted to leave tomorrow and I still had to pack up the Honda.