Says 155 – How to free ourselves from the beliefs that enslave us

Today a Facebook friend uploaded the following You Tube video..
Monty Python And The Holy Grail – Help Help I’m Being Repressed

It’s no coincidence that I saw this today as I was previously thinking the same thing, or on the same lines… I was thinking of how we are drawn into giving our power away by our beliefs. Like in this movie, the people believed that they had no ruler and served no king. The king could say what he wanted, but it didn’t matter to them, in fact, they admonished him.

That is how we are going to create a new World, by letting go of our old imprints, programs and beliefs. Once we no longer have them, (and I don’t mean deny them) then those that now have power over us will be powerless. Not that we will over-power them, as that is also no longer in our belief system.. It will be a whole new world.

I just thought of it.. I might just have found the Holy Grail.. lol.. LMAO. The Universe does have a sense of humor…


Says 34 – Letting go of the Old world and creating a new World

2012 March 30 6:40 am I awoke and was thinking of all the things that are wrong in this world and I began to write a list.

Corrupt government, federal, provincial, and municipal
Religious beliefs and conflict
The wars and military spending
Pharmaceutical drugs and medical care
High gas, food, electrical and housing prices
High CATV, satellite, telephone, cell phone and internet prices
GMO foods and animals
Polluted land, water and air
Chemtrails and government cover-up
Big brother watching you
And the list goes on and on.

I then though, this is way too much to try to fix and that the only way we are going to change things is to let go of it and let it self destruct and then we’ll build a brand new world to rise out of the ashes like the fabled Phoenix. By self-destruct, I don’t mean that the World (Earth) should be destroyed, but that the SYSTEMS that are presently in a position of power be destroyed. When they are gone, along with those that support that system; those that remain can then begin the process of creating a New World with a new blue print of how reality can be when denials are ended.