Says 190 – Doctors – no longer interested in healing

190 BP machineI had an appointment with my so-called doctor on Thursday May12. Usually her nurse checks the blood pressure, but she was off, so the good doctor did it using her automated device. After wrapping the cuff around my arm, she started the machine.. It started filling the cuff with air and then immediately deflated. She said my BP was 190/110. She then went to my right arm and this time the machine pumped and stopped 5 times until the pressure was actually hurting me, and then it deflated in an instant.. This time my BP was 220/120 I said the machine is out of whack as I’ve never been that high.. She said no, it’s accurate. I said I have a BP tested at home, and my BP ranges from 158/109 down to 114/78 and is usually around the 130/85 mark.
I waited to see what she would do next, if she would use the old mechanical system she still had on the wall. She didn’t bat an eye and said that I needed to look after my high blood pressure and wrote down on a piece of paper, the drug… Coversyl (Permdopril) for me to consider.
I felt that the “good” doctor was knowing lying that the machine test was flawed, as she seemed unconcerned that my BP was that high, other than trying to get me on a drug. I’m sure any other “caring” doctor would have rushed me off to emergency for more tests if my BP was really that high. I’m going to be searching for a wholistic doctor,  if I can find one that hasn’t been threatened and isn’t afraid to stand up against the ESTABLISHMENT. Or… none at all… as I feel that the body can really heal itself…

Says 188 – Blood Pressure Realization

A parient cured is a customer lostI came to a realization over the weekend when I was on my apple fast/diet. I saw my doctor, or rather her nurse, last week that just took my blood pressure. She told me it was high and that I should really go on medication. High being 145/90
Just for shits and giggles I monitored my blood pressure at various times of the day and night over the weekend. It ranged anywhere from 122/78 with a heart rate 55 bmp to 145/93 and a heart rate 63 bmp. After I did my 3/4 hour range of motion routine and exercises, it was 130/84 with a heart rate of 89bpm..
OK, so now comes realization… When I’m in the doctors office, she take my BP that lasts 1 minute. Now there are 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day, making a total of 1440 minutes.. So putting that into perspective, what the nurse and doctor are putting their so-called professional medical diagnosis and advice on, is one test that constitutes of a paltry .0144% of my day.
So these f**king medical morons and trying to convince me to go on medication based on a so-called evidence of .069% Even if they followed me around all day and night and took my blood pressure 100 times, it would still only have an accuracy of .69% Blood pressure is just a gauge, a f**king number, and isn’t to be taken as gospel and a mandate to prescribe medication that has countless side-effects. Of course they say it’s “preventive” medicine, but I say, it’s only creating customers..