Says 188 – Blood Pressure Realization

A parient cured is a customer lostI came to a realization over the weekend when I was on my apple fast/diet. I saw my doctor, or rather her nurse, last week that just took my blood pressure. She told me it was high and that I should really go on medication. High being 145/90
Just for shits and giggles I monitored my blood pressure at various times of the day and night over the weekend. It ranged anywhere from 122/78 with a heart rate 55 bmp to 145/93 and a heart rate 63 bmp. After I did my 3/4 hour range of motion routine and exercises, it was 130/84 with a heart rate of 89bpm..
OK, so now comes realization… When I’m in the doctors office, she take my BP that lasts 1 minute. Now there are 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day, making a total of 1440 minutes.. So putting that into perspective, what the nurse and doctor are putting their so-called professional medical diagnosis and advice on, is one test that constitutes of a paltry .0144% of my day.
So these f**king medical morons and trying to convince me to go on medication based on a so-called evidence of .069% Even if they followed me around all day and night and took my blood pressure 100 times, it would still only have an accuracy of .69% Blood pressure is just a gauge, a f**king number, and isn’t to be taken as gospel and a mandate to prescribe medication that has countless side-effects. Of course they say it’s “preventive” medicine, but I say, it’s only creating customers..

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