Says 187 – Medical Blood Pressure Sham and Scam.

187-BP-Chart2-229x300High Blood pressure is another Medical Establishment sham and scam. The so-called normal or AVERAGE blood pressure is 120/80.. In this chart… they have 90/60 as the lower limit of the AVERAGE. With a 30/20 point spread, that would leave 150/100 as the high limit.

However, that doesn’t make the big pharmaceutical companies any money, so they manipulate the numbers that you now see in the chart to try to push those above the normal, to the other side of the average, (with the use of drugs) which is not NATURAL..

If they say that 120/80, is normal or average and reading below that to 90/60 is ideal, then they also have to say that levels up to150/100 is also ideal.. PUSHING this, “YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE,” is just fear mongering to get people on drugs to make money for you know who. Drugs that also have unhealthy side effects.  Blood pressure varies minute by minute, and can rise or drop 20 – 30 points in a blink of an eye..


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