Says 251 – The Walk of Life

I’ve been going to the walk, jog, run track for almost 2 months and I’ve gradually worked my way up to a 6 km walk in just under an hour. It feels good to be able to walk without having to watch where you step, or adjust to different inclines. It’s all smooth going and your only concerns are the turns and the people traffic.  While it feels good to be able to walk at a good pace, I find that I still can’t jog or run as even this cushioned track jolts my head and brain and I have to go back to walking. The reason I would like to run is to get my cardio going, as I haven’t done any cardio since my accident over two years ago.

While doing my walk, I observed the variety of people using it; from people using walkers, cane or another person for support, to healthy and fit runners. There are also all body types, male and female, and all ages including those that are mentally and physically handicapped; all taking “the walk of life.”  It’s part of their “journey” like it is mine. Each has their personal experiences and reasons for being there, and their story to tell.