Says 73 – I found the cause of the pain in my neck.

2012 July 31 I had previously mentioned that I had a sore neck Says 67 – Pain in the neck and had put it down to my moving and helping my ex-wife move and arrange her furniture, but today I realized what was really going on. The irony is that the pain in my neck is directly connected to my landlord.

The landlord has been turning the A/C (Air Conditioning) off at around 8:00 pm and has been opening the doors and kitchen windows in an attempt to let cool air circulate during the night. Then anytime from 9:00 am – 11:00 am, he would turn on the A/C and close the doors and windows. Because he has been controlling the A/C, and opening and closing windows, I’ve been forced to follow his routine if I wanted any sort of comfort.

Today I realized why I have a sore neck. My window in this old Victorian house is huge, It’ measures 54 inches across and is 48 inches in height. I’ve been lifting it up about 18 inches, with my left hand while inserting a board to hold the window open. As I was opening the window today, I could feel the strain in my shoulder and neck and immediately realized that it was my opening and closing the window that had created my sore neck. Not only was this window the problem, but there is also a storm window that also needed to be opened and closed and the right hand lever was broken so it always jams in its tracks, and that also added more strain to my arms, shoulders and neck.

I’ve now decided to just leave the window partly open, day and night. If he wants to shut and open it when he shuts and opens the others, he is welcome to do it. My door is closed during the day, so any cool air that would be lost is only from my room, so it should be no skin off his nose that I leave it open.

PS: This is an actual picture of part of my room and the window in question.