Says 359 – Good and Bad Lawyers and the CAS

Well today was laundry day and at the laundromat bulletin board, there was this notice posted on good and bad lawyers and also on the abuse of the CAS – Children’s Aid Society.. It’s time that these A**holes be not only held accountable, but also punished for their evil deeds, and I don’t mean a slap on the wrist or a paid vacation or a promotion. It’s time to end the PIE (Privilege, Immunity, Entitlement) that these A**holes have that allow them to do what they do. That goes for politicians, bureaucrats, agents, lawyers, judges, police, doctors, military, Big business, CEO’s, rich individuals,  and the list goes on. All those that claim you must obey the law and rules, that somehow don’t apply to them.

I felt compelled to add the list of abuses by the CAS abuse and also the so-called Justice system as it’s pure EVIL.. by intent and action..


All abuses by a CAS are considered ‘bad faith acts’ by the courts when you prove it. The courts are seldom angry or outraged at the conduct of the CAS, while they instantly stomp on ordinary citizens who cannot possibly overcome professionally perjured affidavits of the CAS!


–  CAS abuse of children        –  CAS abuse of disabled parents          
–  CAS abuse of parents           – CAS misleading courts

CAS abuse of children / disabled children:
– denying treatment orders for disabled children  *
– willfully blind /contrived medical assessments to prevent treatment  *
– denying treatment for disability through a ‘reluctance’ to ‘label’ a child disabled
– ignoring children in distress due to separation
– on apprehension, cut off established treatments claiming parents ’caused disability’, ignoring long term OHIP medical records @
– deny disabled children contact with their long-term OHIP medical care providers @
– destroy the continuity of care of disabled children on apprehension @
– denying care needs in custody  *
– denying autistic children access to their specifically trained service dog /animal @
– CAS abuse of ‘Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy’ claims even when children are born with genetic disabilities
– ignore ERIK, Nipissing Test Screens indicating need for treatment for disabilities *
– ignore, suppress or destroy in custody records indicating need for treatment
– corrupting children by coaching them to recite false sex assault claims
– Plans of Care that ignore actual care needs/disabilities   *
– denying treatment for children after Crown Ward orders
– denying / failing to provide the necessities of life, s 215 cc
– denying access to children’s own religion / culture
– falsified Adoptability Reports  *
– preventing reunification of families
– avoiding records of parent’s disability to prevent child’s treatment  *
– allowing foster home abuse
– moving foster children multiple times inflicting attachment disorders
– inflicting child Attachment Disorders
– allowing abuse in group homes
– violating child’s Statutory Care requirement in CFSA  s 15(3)(d)  *
– violating child’s Statutory Interests in CFSA  s 37(3)  *

CAS abuse of disabled parents:
– contrived assessment consent forms to enable CAS abuse  *
– willfully blind /contrived CFSA s 54 assessments to deny treatment  *
– CAS assessments using doctors with undisclosed adverse decisions/deficits *
– violating Ont. Reg. 25/07 – assessments  *
– denying treatment services to disabled parents in CFSA s 15(3)(c)  *
– Abuse of medical consents – avoiding records to prevent treatment  *
– Perjured affidavits  *
– CAS Abuse Of Process noted below  *
– misleading disabled parents in meetings, compelling parents to sign documents under threat
– manipulation of Visitation access to destroy child’s bond to parents
– false claims of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ even though SBS has been discredited in criminal Courts**
-forcing parents to provide hair samples at CAS offices for drug tests then switching samples
-play acting ‘chain of custody’ for collected hair samples with ‘sealed’ envelopes signed by unsuspecting parents

CAS abuse of parents:
– contrived assessment consent forms to enable CAS abuse
– willfully blind /contrived CFSA s 54 assessments  *
– CAS assessments using doctors with undisclosed adverse decisions/deficits  *
– violating Ont. Reg. 25/07 – assessments  *
– denying services to parents in CFSA s 15(3)(c)
– perjured affidavits  *
– preventing reunification of families
– pitting parents against each other with threats of losing custody of children
– forcing parents to separate or divorce with threats of losing custody of children
– CAS misleading courts noted below *
– manipulation of Visitation access to destroy child’s bond to parents
-false claims of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ even though SBS has been discredited in criminal Courts**
-forcing parents to provide hair samples at CAS offices for drug tests then switching samples
-play acting ‘chain of custody’ for collected hair samples with ‘sealed’ envelopes signed by unsuspecting parents

CAS Misleading Parents and Courts  (ie, Bad Faith conduct, Abuse Of Process, etc):
– Aggressive litigation lacking impartiality *
– Perjuring affidavits  *
– Refusing to consider/allow/disclose favourable evidence by affidavit (one sided documents)  *
– Falsifying Plans of Care, denying treatment  *
– Suppressing, withholding evidence from the courts  *
– Infringing on court’s jurisdiction to know all the facts  *
– Refusing to comply with court orders
– Misleading submissions in court by CAS lawyers *
– Violating the CFSA  *
– Violating any and all Case Law  *
– CAS claims of acts as abuse that are not within the Child Abuse Spectrum, ie, inventing offenses.
– Selective disclosure or nondisclosure to parents  *
– Disclosing unreadable documents
– Refusing/failing to sign own documents
– CAS employees disavowing documents written by their own hand
– Falsifying records
– Using Motherisk(1) drug test reports from switched hair samples to mislead the courts
– CAS misleading courts with Motherisk FAEE drug tests knowing EtG tests clears the parent
– misrepresenting false or nonexistent ‘chain of custody’ on evidence to mislead the courts
– CAS refusing to investigate unreliable claims of one vindictive parent against another parent
– CAS workers abusing ‘Qualified Privilege’ to lie on affidavits *
– CAS lawyers abusing ‘Absolute Privilege’ contrary to Rules of Professional Conduct to mislead courts *
– Destroying Notices of Appeal served by Fax, disavowing service *
– Using Doctors who are married to each other as ‘independent Expert Witnesses’ on same cases
– Using Doctors with clinical deficits & negative court decisions to mislead subsequent courts and parents *
– Using Doctors to deny treatment needs of parents and children contrary to Ont. Reg. 25/07 *
– Using Doctors to make report findings that are outside their scope of qualifications
– Supplying misleading records to Doctors and questions to steer assessment away from treatment needs *
– Removing Records from Case file to prevent disclosure.
– Refusing to communicate with parents, claiming a policy of ‘no emails’, etc *
– Repeating false claims after dismissal in new sworn affidavits – violates ‘Res Judicata’  *
– CASs taking advantage of parents with poor or no english language skills
– Abusing the time limit provisions in the FLR to back a court into a forced Crown Ward order
– Refusing/failing to amend claims on new evidence  *
– Refusing/failing to amend affidavits
– Misleading respondents in person or in writing
– Refusing/failing to revise it’s litigation position on new evidence before the court *
– Affidavits used in ‘Oath Helping’ scams to mislead court violating case law *
– Disingenuous Offers to Settle  *
– CAS gaining a private interest over child’s Statutory Interest by misleading the court *
– Cropping or altering pictures as ‘evidence’ that were lifted from unrelated case files
– Abusing the court’s ‘presumption’ to mislead
– Abusing ‘Applicant’ role under the CFSA *
– CAS filing ‘Motion Records’ for Summary Judgment Motions to confuse the court, not allowed by FLR  *
– Violating contractual obligations under the CFSA *
– Obtaining public funding by Fraud with Crown Ward orders obtained by Fraud
– Falsifying Adoption claims in court to prevent Appeals, while collecting funds for a continuing Crown Ward order
– Excessive censoring of Disclosure documents violating R v Stinchcombe and other CAS related disclosure decisions
– Willful blindness by CAS management, staff, workers and lawyers  *
– Sharp Practice by CAS lawyers
– CAS lawyers who violate the Rules of Professional Conduct *
– CAS sides with abusive, vindictive parent to smear innocent parent in court while ignoring evidence of real abuse ***
– Refusing to re-assess litigation position  *
– False ‘Emotional Harm’ claims, s 37(2)(g) without expert evidence violating case law *
– Falsifying legal names of children on all CAS filings for 1 1/2yrs to humiliate parents, mislead the courts *
– Crown ward Orders obtained by Fraud contrary to FLR Rule 25(19) *
– False claims of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ even though SBS has been discredited in criminal Courts**
Abuse of ‘litigation privilege’ to deny Disclosure of exculpatory evidence, etc
– CAS inserting ” s 37(2)(l) ” in Statement of Agreed Facts and other documents out of context to mislead parents,
s 37(2)(l) amounts to consent to Crown Ward that is used against parents later.  (Violating Case Law against this
misleading conduct involving the very same CAS!) *   @@