Says 107 – Going to quit taking ballroom dance lessons

2012 Oct 31 While I’ve had fun and enjoyed the ballroom dance lessons, I’ve decided that I’m going to quit and not sign up for the next level. The main reason being that in order to feel comfortable and to advance, (add more tools – steps and techniques) I need to practice with a partner. While I can practice my own steps, (right or wrong) at home, it’s a whole different situation when I go to class and am dancing with, and leading a partner that has also not practiced with a partner. If I was practicing with my dance partner, we could help each other and then polish up our moves in class as well as learn the new steps, but that is not the case. While I took international ballroom dance lessons before, (1990 and again briefly in 2006) these classes are American social, so while it is similar, it is also different.

I signed up when I was living in Brantford and have since moved to Woodstock, which is a 35-minute drive in good weather. Even if I had a partner in Brantford to practice with, driving back and forth a couple of times a week and then attending the Tuesday night class is a lot, especially with winter coming on. My last lesson in level one will be on Thursday November 1 and the last class for level 2 will be on Tuesday, November 6.