Says 260 – Shenreed Book Excerpts up and running

Well it’s taken a bit longer than I thought, but I finally got the excerpts for my three books on line. First I had to find a simple CSS – HTML responsive website template. I found what I needed at  Creative Blog that I then modified to suit my needs. Next was the learning curve as to how I was going to code it and work it into my website.  After that, was collecting the text for each book that I wanted to use, and then adding them to the various templates. Finally, there was the checking of the links, and then uploading and verifying. All in all, I only had three minor issues that were fixed in five minutes. In total, there are 42 excerpts that I hope will give readers a “feel” for what the books are about.

You can check out the new “excerpt” page, and the related pages at this link…  Shenreed