Says 206 – Two parts of our brain

Says 206 - Right and left brainI found this video You are two that discusses our left and right brain and thought I’d say a few words. Modern medicine and psychiatrists, would have us believe that only our Mind our left Brain, that which thinks, is the only part of our Being that matters as it is the master controller. They would also have us believe that our feelings and emotions are part of the Mind and therefor, under its control, just as is the Body. While there is some truth in that concept, it is also deeply flawed and inaccurate.

True, we have two parts to your brain… a left and right hemisphere. The left side controls speech, language, thoughts, ideas, logic and reason, while the right side is responsible for our intuition and knowing as well as our feelings and emotions and is also involved with our creative processes. What is important to recognize is that the right side of the brain can’t talk, and therefore, it needs the acceptance and cooperation of the left brain in order to express itself. That last sentence is crucial in understanding the dynamic workings of our Being and why we have the problems, fears and issues that we do. I’m not going to go into it here, but this is just to give you some food for thought.