Says 476 – After effects of the jab

About two months ago, 3 of the 10 people in my apartment building that I regularly chat with got their second jab. Within a few days, one woman reported feeling fired and exhausted; another woman became more aggressive and argumentative and the man also became more aggressive, but also drifted off into isolation. Their symptoms have NOT diminished, in fact, have gotten worse… The woman that is exhausted is even more so, and says she was hesitant about getting the jabs and now wished she hadn’t.
PS: They all have some underlying (non-life threatening) medical conditions and are on meds. NOTE: Photos are google images.

3 thoughts on “Says 476 – After effects of the jab

  1. Yes, it’s too late for many.. But you have to realize that everyone has free Will and choice… While it may not be our choice, it’s theirs, and they will have to deal with the consequences of their their decisions. As difficult as it is for us to imagine why they choose to do what they do, we need to accept the choices they make for themselves as there is no need to try to force then to do what they don’t want to do.

    The world is changing and what is becoming clear are those that desire life and want to protect the Earth, and those that don’t seek life and want to destroy the Earth.

  2. I wish everyone would read your blogs. Maybe we could still save the world or is it too late since so many people are vaccinated already. I would have to be forced .

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