Says 210 – The journey to feel and heal my Body

says-210 drugsI previously mentioned in post 208, that I have begun working on healing another aspect of me, my Body. I’m not going to into all the trials and tribulations that I’ve gone through since my motor vehicle accident, but I will try to share what I’m going through as of now and the insights I am getting in this journey. One thing that I’ve noticed is that I have as much confidence in the various physical based medical professions in healing the various aspects of the Physical Body as I do with psychiatrists and psychologists in healing the Emotional Body, which, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 1. In most cases they are fixated on treating the symptoms and not in finding and healing the underlying cause of the illness or injury.  In the case of Psychiatry, it’s the use of drugs or cognitive therapy, and for physical issues, it’s the use of drugs (pain management) or surgery.  Common medical theme for both… DRUGS.

says-210 soft_tissue_injuryAfter the car accident, I suffered a concussion, hearing loss, and massive soft tissue injuries to my neck, arms, shoulders, back, and legs. After 5 months of physio – therapy that almost left me crippled and months of chiropractic treatments and pressure point massages that only offered me short term relief, I was left to my own resources. It was almost 15 months after the accident, and after reading up on bone fractures and the “unknown” fact that they healed quicker than soft tissue damage, that the proverbial light came on, and I realized what the medical problem was, and why my Body wasn’t healing.

With a fracture, the injured part is immobilized for 6 – 8 weeks and then, and only then, do they begin the “gradual” increase in range of motion, flexibility and strength exercises. Dumbass medical professionals think that because there is nothing broken and you, “look ok,” that you should just into doing range of motion, flexibility and strength exercises all at once, and to go for it, with the idiotic no pain no gain attitude. That was the worst thing I could do as my body had numerous torn, stretched and compressed discs, ligaments, cartridge, tendons and muscles that had inflammation and needed time to heal and recover, not suffer more abuse.  Keyword – Inflammation. I then took a month off from doing any form of exercise just to let my Body begin to heal, but I did carry on with Chiro and the new deep tissue massage that I was recently getting from another RMT.

I should mention that I refused to take any pain killers and antibiotics as I have severe reactions and side effects to prescription and OTC drugs. It also doesn’t make sense to hide or dull the pain, and then go out and do something foolish and injury yourself even more because your Mind is numb to your Body’s pain.

To be continued…

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