Says 153 – The Mind in Control

Big HeadThis is a graphic and symbolic representation of how humanity has put value and emphasis of importance on the Mind and its thoughts and beliefs…

We are a Spiritual Being having a physical experience. We have four parts to our Being; Spirit (Mind), Soul (Will – intuition, feelings and emotions) Heart and then form or our physical Body, and although they are separate aspects, they are all connected and function as one. Presently, it’s the Mind that is in CONTROL of the other parts of our being, and as you can see, there is no BALANCE in that.

In order for balance to return, our Mind needs to stop being the dictator and let go of being in a position of power and in control of the other parts of our Being. To do that, it needs to let go of its old imprints, programs, beliefs and judgments of what is best for the rest of its Being. It needs to challenge its old beliefs, not defend them.

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