Says 91 – Drunk and partying with girlfriend

2012 Sept 17 Monday, 11:50 pm Well kyle and his girlfriend are in his room, drinking and watching TV. They have been noisy for the past hour or so, but because I was up, I didn’t say anything and I thought that she would be leaving soon. I was not trying to go to sleep, but with all this commotion, sleep was impossible. Finally I got up and knocked loudly on his door. After a few seconds with no response, I shouted out that if you plan on sleeping in tomorrow, you had better let me get some sleep tonight. “ With that, he pulled open the door, he was angry and had a few too many. He came out into the hallway, yelling at me, “What the fuck!” We got into a little yelling match and when he couldn’t intimidate me, he backed off to his room, yelling at me to never come to his door again. I closed my door and sat on my bed thinking. I heard them turn the TV down, I could still hear it, but it wasn’t blaring like before.

Well I didn’t ask. I asked the owner if there was smoking in the house, to which she said no, smoking is permitted but only outside. What I didn’t ask was… Is pot smoking allowed in the house or outside. Is drinking allowed in the house or outside. Is having friends with benefits allowed? Are sleep-overs allowed? I’ve decided, I’m out of here by the end of the month if things don’t change immediately.

2:00 am Well I woke up again, this time it was Kyle having an argument with his girlfriend. I heard raised voices and banging. I yelled out, “You woke me up again. Don’t expect me to be quiet in the morning when you want to sleep.” A couple of seconds later there was a series of loud noises, cussing and banging on my wall and then silence. But that didn’t last too long as he slammed the door when he went to the bathroom and when he returned.

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