Says 472 – mRNA Blood Clots

What you’re hearing in the media about “vaccine” side effects is just new snow fall on the tip of an iceberg. The jab is NOT a vaccine, but a “treatment” intentionally designed to make you sick and kill you. If you took the jab, life will NOT be normal, in fact, you can begin to count your days. Other parts of your body can regenerate themselves, but your Heart, Lungs, Brain and Spinal Column can’t. Once they are damaged, there is NO CURE and the damage is permanent. Those with underlying medical conditions, a weakened immune system and are overweight and/or physically inactive will be the first to suffer the consequences of the Jab.

The video by Dr. Charles Hoffe will give you some insight into what to expect from the Jab in the form of blood clots. It doesn’t go into the “other” side effects yet to be identified.

2 thoughts on “Says 472 – mRNA Blood Clots

  1. Part of “their” agenda is to destroy the infrastructure that society relies on. WHEN people that have gotten the JAB start getting sick and dying, Hospitals wouldn’t be able to manage, especially if nurses and doctors are also getting sick.

    “They” are also getting BIG business to get their employees “vaxed” as a requirement for employment. I’m sure that the “higher ups”, the CES and upper management are NOT getting the jab and neither are the politicians, although they all make out like they do.

    The thing is.. people have free Will and can say no, BUT there are so many TV watchers out there that are confused and/or unable to THINK that believe what they are being told. The government is a CORPORATION, an factious entity created on paper and the politicians and bureaucrats are employees for that corporation.. When you were born, your parents were told they had to register you and get you a BIRTH CERTIFICATE with which the government could track and control you, BUT the government didn’t say that.

    Because the people believe the government is the LAW and has control over them, they dutifully comply; when in reality, the only control the government, or any CORPORATION has is over you is limited to your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, drivers licence, health card, credit card, Mortgage, etc, where your name is printed in CAPITAL LETTERS… THEY would like you to believe that YOUR NAME is the same as you, the “Natural” living human being, but it isn’t.

  2. Hi John, hope all is well with you. I have never seen a vaccine being so advertised ,promoted,and now being mandated in so many doctors offices, restaurants etc.Seems very suspicious. Many nurses are quitting their jobs. The hospitals in Connecticut mandating all medical staff to vaccinate.No more free will or choice.

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