Says 288 – Statism (Government) just another form of Religion

Religion and politics (government) are the two major players that control your life through the social illusion that they have the “authority” to make rules, laws, and conditions that “others” must follow. They both control your physical life, mentally, emotionally and physically. The government controls your physical activities through laws, rules, taxes, etc., while religion has rules and conditions that you must adhere to ensure that when you physically die, that you will have a happy afterlife.

You are lead to believe that you must accept their “authority” over you, to unquestionably follow their instructions and have faith that “they” know what is good for you. If you don’t follow your various governments’ rules, conditions and orders, you will be harassed, intimated, incarcerated or even put to death. If you don’t follow your religions voice of “authority,” they would have you believe that your Soul and Spirit will be dammed in the afterlife.

I was thinking that the main issue in healing that Empaths have in empowering themselves is their religious beliefs. I was going to say that the second thing is seeing and knowing what denial is, but as I thought that, I knew it also related to their religious beliefs that had to do with love and what a loving person is. As long as you belief that denial (of self expression) is love, you are, as the saying goes, “Screwed, glued and tattooed.” Even if you are an atheist or agnostic, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any religious beliefs, it’s just that your beliefs are opposed to organized religion. You were raised in a society where people had religious beliefs, customs and traditions, and your parents, and their parents and so on. All were imprinted and programmed with beliefs of what is loving or not, moral standards, and codes of behavior, etc.

The second thing that controls you is the various forms of government and their agencies. If you are not a so-called “conspiracy theorist,” then you aren’t even aware of the blatant social denials that are in politics and government, military, media, food, medical, big business, etc., etc. If you can’t see the obvious lies, denials, and deception going on in your outer reality, it’s even harder to begin to see your own lies and denials, and how you are deceiving yourself. It’s far easier to pick up on what others are, or are not saying or doing, than it is with yourself. It’s sad to think that over 95% of the population is so brainwashed and in denial that they can’t see the obvious and blatant lies and denials in their outer reality (religion and politics) that is controlling them. The irony is that in ending ones denials, one begins to break away from both these illusions that control us, and that we call natural, a way of life, and the way things are.

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