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When I got home from my vacation, I received a surprise in the mail… a photo radar speeding ticket (101 kph in a 80 kph and $130) that I got just outside Regina back on June 30, that was issued on July 11. Of course I’m not going to pay it and I’m firing off the following letter (email) to the RCMP… Since the security classification is non-sensitive, I feel I can mention names…

Attn: Cpl. Tran Davies,

Re: File – 2017891332

Without prejudice.

This is to inform you that there is no way that I will “voluntarily” agree to this traffic ticket and the conditions it sets forth, as that violates my rights as a sovereign citizen and human being. I have no recollection of what the posted speed limit was, or the driving conditions at the TIME of the so-called traffic infraction, as I was just following the flow of traffic. If a police officer had personally stopped me, then I would be aware of the surroundings and if I was indeed speeding or not. As it stands, I have only your corporations photo radar data and the official CERTIFIED testimony of your paid employee (OLWENY, SHAWNA MARIE) that issued the ticket that I was speeding. Also, the so-called infraction was, as indicated on the black bar photo (photoshop?) was on 2017 June 30, yet the ticket was not issued until 2017 July 11. I physically received the ticket when I arrived home on 2017 July 21.

The threatening wordage and tone of this OFFENSE NOTICE has all the ear markings of an impersonal, righteous, and judgmental psychopaths that demand strict obedience and compliance to self-directed law and order without question, all the while demanding payment and other threatening action if payment is not received in a timely manner. As an out-of-province driver and visitor to the province, I suspect that I (and others) are easy prey to what I consider a money scam, as who is going to travel thousands of kilometers to challenge your robotic and impersonal machine that is incapable of answering my questions other than what (it) was programmed to print, if indeed it did print what is presented on the photo. Of course in court, (which I am unwilling to attend as that is a three day drive) you, as a paid employee of a corporation acting as an agent for another corporation, the province of Saskatchewan, and on behalf of, and representing her majesty, “the queen,” would appoint another bureaucratic human being to espouse the virtues and outstanding job that the photo radar robot is doing to protect the lives of highway workers and the safety of other motorists. As well, they would cite various rules, laws and other bureaucratic jargon to justify your (and their) corporate authority and right to rule. Since bureaucrats are not subject to the same laws and punishment as the “common folk” when it comes to truth and personal responsibility for ones words and actions, what would not be discussed is the real intent, and how much money this scam makes for the corporations.

What I’ve noticed in my travels, not only in Saskatchewan but also in Alberta and BC, was that the posted speed limit signage in construction zones was up and down like the toilet seat at a political convention. Dropping by as much as 50 kph, with no signs that there had ever been any construction in the area, and no equipment or workers to even indicate future activity. Other times, construction was visible but not active, yet speed limits would fluctuate between 110, 80, 60, 100, 50, 70, 40, or whatever the whim of the one posting them, and sometimes the signs would be only a few car lengths apart. Sometimes there was evidence that construction had occurred in the past and was now complete, but the signs had not been removed. Other times, construction speed limit signs were posted 5 to 10 kilometers before the actual construction zone, slowing down traffic for no reason. Of course, there were also instances where real flagmen/women, machinery, and workers were present.

If motorists were to adhere to the strict letter of the law and follow this idiotic speed limit pattern, they would have to panic stop to slow down to the posted limit and then accelerate at an unreasonable rate of speed to follow the next posted limit. This type of driving is not only dangerous, but is also in direct contravention to your stated directive and attributes of using photo radar to protect highway workers and the safety of other motorists. Signs should be posted, (as they once were) to allow motorists to slow down and speed up in a natural and safe manner. This blatant inconsistency sends up red flags that something is amiss and needs to be addressed, but of course, as I’m addressing bureaucrats just doing their job and following orders, I doubt anything will change.

As stated, this statement is without prejudice and just my opinion.

By: John Rieger, Agent for JOHN J RIEGER

PS: In the covering letter, it states… “If you decide to voluntarily pay the fine or you are convicted, this conviction will not appear on your drivers abstract nor will any demerit points be assessed.” Yet at the bottom (right side) of the offense notice you issue this WARNING, that (B) YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE WILL BE SUBJECT TO NON-RENEWAL OR SUSPENSION OR BOTH.

Yet another contradiction…

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