Says 113 – Anti-gravity

I happened to click on a link that was about a Russian named Victor Grebennikov that discovered anti-gravity. He had made a platform that could levitate him and also allow him to travel up to a height of 1000 feet in the air and then move at a speed of 900 mph. While he was doing all this, he was also invisible to those on the ground as he was encapsulated in some form of energy bubble. Not only that, when he was traveling in this bubble, time would also slow down significantly.

Grebennikov’s Flying Platform – Bio-Gravitics

Next, I found another link where the narrator stated that he used the principle of bumblebees to fly and there was also the mention of how humans also have this power. It also talked about for people missing a man using just one finger each, and levitating him effortlessly in the air. I remember doing this as a kid!

Anti Gravity Cavity Structure Effect introduction

I then found a YouTube video showing four guys lifting a 300 pound man into the air using only two fingers on one hand. I was thinking of how men and women are able to lift cars and other heavy objects off other people when there is a crisis, without any physical damage to their body. Did they gain extra strength, in which case they would also have needed to gain extra strong flesh and bones to support that strength, or, did they somehow make the object they were lifting lighter? Here are a couple of links.

Lift a 300 pound guy with 4 guys using only 2 fingers


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