Says 89 – Signed up for Ballroom dancing

Last week I signed up for ballroom dancing and tonight will be my first lesson. I had signed up as a single and a couple of days ago I got a call stating that they had a partner for me so it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. It’s not International ballroom that I took a few years ago, but American, and it’s just for social dancing.

Well I just got back and it was both interesting and fun. There were six couples taking the beginner class and while the woman teaching is not a professional, I think it will be okay. My partners name is Sharon, an older woman that says she took basic ballroom last year but it doesn’t feel like she really got the hang of it. The instructor came over and asked me if I taken lessons before and I told her I did. She say she noticed, as I definitely had the rumba rhythm.

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