Says 54 – And plans change again

I had already cut out a side trip to the Yukon as I felt I would be pushing it, and when I did a mileage check s it turns out that trip was 4,500 km. It doesn’t seem far on a map, but when I began doing some mileage checks of my revised trip, I realized that driving to Port hardy at the end of Vancouver Island in BC meant that I would be driving close to 5,000 km. If I averaged 80km per hour, that would mean that I would be driving for 62 hours, and to do that in 7 days, would mean that I would be driving 9 hours a day, and that’s not holiday!

So I’ve now decided to shorten my trip again, this time to 3260 km, which is 40 hours of driving, (5.8 hours per day.) Now that schedule leaves me some time to enjoy the view, take some pictures and even go off on some side trips. I’d like to spend some more time around Osoyoos and re-visit some hot springs I found back on 2005.

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