Says 469 – The Actual Contents of “Vaccines”

A must see video – More evidence of the contends of the “jab” and the horrifying results it will  on the human body. Graphene Oxide and mRNA combine to form a deadly toxin…  Stew Peters Show  with Dr. Jane Ruby 

3 thoughts on “Says 469 – The Actual Contents of “Vaccines”

  1. Wow! I just watched this video. I am surprised that more people have not died from this Graphene oxide…did not say how long it would take for deaths to happen.Fauci and Gates should be imprisined.

    • Hi Marie,
      From what I’ve read, there is time line as to when people die after being exposed. It depends on underlying physical conditions and also on how they have been inhaling it via the mask, getting tested and now vaxed. I feel that a lot will begin to show symptoms when the cooler weather comes and they catch colds or the “flu”, and if they keep wearing the masks. Of course it will be blamed on either the new “variant” or those that are unvaccinated.

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