Says 401 – Government con-vid-19 hypocrisy

Hypocrisy and government control, but most are too blinded by their fear and need to OBEY the government and health “officials” to see it..

If you don’t have the flu symptoms, then why isolate yourself? Don’t you find it unusual that people in so-called “essential” services are able to function normally. They aren’t being told to self-isolate… WHY is that? That’s because if the government shut them down. all hell would break loose, and the government doesn’t want that as BEFORE the CON-virus outbreak, people all over the world were protesting corrupt governments, and they needed a way to stop that momentum, and what better way than to play to the people’s fear.. a DEADLY VIRUS…

If people working in hospitals, grocery and drug stores, trucking, border guards, police, fire dept., TV, hydro, water, gas, etc, were told to self-isolate, you can imagine what would happen. BUT… THOSE PEOPLE (as Don Cherry would say) that are “non-essential’, well they are the problem as THEY can spread the disease..

If these people ESSENTIAL (non-affected) people aren’t spreading the virus, then why are all the other non-affected people considered disease carriers and causing the death of those who MAY HAVE health issues. Can you say… Hypocrisy?

Those that can’t think for themselves and rely on the government and the so-called medical establishment and media to tell them what to do… well they can stay at home and look out their windows at all those people moving about and judge them as not LAW ABIDING good citizens like them..

Oh yea?.. I forgot the government, media and medial propaganda..
BUT you dumb cluckers (Chicken Little followers) you stay at home..
LOL…Cluckers… I just made up that word.


PS: Here is a link to the Ontario government’s information for people who think they may have the covid-19 virus.. If you don’t have the virus… It says to self-monitor.. NOT self-isolate.. BIG Difference..

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