Says 10 – Medical & Scientific community and the Body

Feb 05  Sunday 9:03 am The medical and scientific community have found the ways and means to fix body parts that are no longer functioning with their healthy youthfulness.  The disease and pain that the  Body is holding is treated  with the use of drugs, and when that doesn’t work, it’s surgery, with physicians doing anything from heart to cosmetic surgery, including artificial replacements and organ transplants. All these are ways of extending life by giving the Mind, the Body it wants, while allowing the Mind to continue to deny the  Will and Body, with the Body being the one holding the results of the Minds denials.

 Eventually I see the medical and scientific community coming to a point where they can create an artificial body and just implant the Mind into it, much like an Android, part flesh, part robot creating a society  that has become cold and heartless like the Borg’s on the TV series Star Trek.

11:00 am The mind also uses the body to do things so that it can be distracted from what the Will, (feelings and emotions) is bringing up that it doesn’t want to deal with. In the process, the Body is also forced (be default) to hold the unloving light that Spirit (Mind) is directing at the Will through its denials. Thoughts are energy as are feelings and emotions, and if they are not expressed and released, but denied, they have nowhere to go but back on to the Will and then stored in the Body.

Healing the Body is just as difficult, if not even more so than healing the Will, (Feelings and emotions)  as the Body holds both the denials of the Spirit and Will. It’s like the Body is a slave in many ways, and is dictated to by the Mind.

One cause of disease – many forms.

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