SV-149G – The Coming Changes

This video is to announce the suspension of this series. A few years ago, I was going to write the book “Empath’s Dilemma,” but felt it would take too long. I then decided to create these videos and again, I felt that time is running out. The reason I felt that is that everything has accelerated the past three years with the Covid-19 plan-demic, and humanity has bought the fear-mongering rhetoric and hysteria put out by the media, and as a result, most went further into denial. I feel major changes are going to be happening soon that will shake humanity to the core, and the Earth herself. With that, I’ve decided to change my focus and intent and go back to where I left off on my journey of self-discovery, and address the issues I have been unconsciously denying and avoiding. I don’t know if I’ll be making any more videos, but I thank you for subscribing and watching my videos.


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  1. RE; The coming changes

    After a few months of vlogging, I’ve decided to post my last video “SV-149G – The Coming Changes.” The reason, again, is that I strongly feel that time is running out, and that no matter what is written or posted in a video, it’s not going to make any real difference. I feel everything has accelerated during the past three years with the Covid-19 plan-demic, and humanity (in general) has bought into the fear-mongering rhetoric and hysteria put out by the global governments, medical establishments and the media. As a result, most of humanity has gone even further into denial, and have accepted the propaganda as truth.

    While a few people are having second thoughts about their choices, that “hindsight” is not enough to undo what they have done to themselves and to others. I feel that now, instead of choosing to try the easier route to heal and empower themselves, they will have to experience the reflection of their denials with the coming changes.

    I feel that major changes will be happening soon that will shake humanity to the core. Some will be man-made that will add to what has already transpired with the plan-demic. Other changes will be with the Earth herself, in the way of storms, floods, droughts, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. These changes will create an economic disaster and social upheaval, as electricity, fuel and transportation are affected. With no electricity, banks, cellphones, internet, stores, food and service supplies, etc, are shut down and people will lose their jobs and homes. Still other changes will be in the exposing of deliberate lies, denials and cover-ups, including our history, ET’s and more. These coming changes will affect everyone and everything on and in the Earth.

    With that, I’ve decided to change my intent, and to focus my time and energy on where I left off in my journey, and address the issues I’ve been unconsciously (and some consciously) denying and avoiding, like healing my Body and chakras, as well as recovering lost essence, powers, gifts and talents. This will be new territory for me, but it also ties into what I’ve already experienced. Part and parcel of this journey into the unknown is to help co-create a new reality, a Heaven on Earth.


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