Says 355 – Monopoly – Cheaters edition

WTF is wrong with society that this is even allowed. What message is it giving kids that cheating is fine… or that it’s ONLY A GAME…  Of course in order to cheat, you have to have the mental INTENT to deceive and manipulate others so that you can accomplish your plan and win. You have to steal, lie, deny and cover up your immoral acts, and when confronted, act as if you are the innocent victim, not responsible for any wrong doing. To bully, intimidate and use any immoral tactic to gain the advantage over your opponent and win the game. Of course others can accuse you of cheating when you aren’t, in order to hide the fact that they are cheating, just to throw you off.

Sure, this is only a game, but it also sets up the program that it’s OK to do all these things as it’s only a game. They begin to lie and deny to their parents, friends and peers, and soon, they have stripped themselves of any sense of morality. Sad to say, this game is a reflection of what is going on in the world today.. When are people going to wake up?

Here is a link to their website.

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