Says 345 – Love, Receiving and Giving

This video is a Part-truth… The Rabi went off on a tangent when he said that “self love is a given.” If that were a truth, then we would not have a fish love need to give, to invest part of yourself in another, as that is just the opposite of receiving. Just because it’s the opposite, doesn’t mean it is true. Night is the opposite of day, Hot is the opposite of cold, Dry is the opposite of wet…

To fine the truth, one really needs to THINK and QUESTION what one believes to be the truth and fact. Asking yourself, who, what, where, when, why and how are the basic “mental” tools required to solve a problem. The next criteria to solving the problem is to apply the “mental” concepts to ones physical reality, in other words, to “Walk your talk” to see if what you THINK is really the truth or simply a part-truth that requires more thought and application to uncover the hidden denials.

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