Says 02 – Military train in Watsonville CA, heading South

Scary! Filmed today Jan 20, 2012 in Watsonville, CA South of Santa Cruz going South….
By Andrew Tuckman
I began filming this after a dozen or so train cars went by on a stretch of track south of Santa Cruz California. Where are the military vehicles going? Why are they being shipped? What could this possibly be for? Barack Obama, what are you up to? We want answers…..

Military Train 2012 Jan 20
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The train was carrying mostly APCs with a handful of fuel trucks, but where were they going and why? I understand the U.S. government is giving away heavy equipment to local authorities, probably to quell the “Occupy” like re-action that will come with the expected economic collapse. They have built and now have staffed a large number of FEMA camps that can hold tens of thousands of people, and the one in Alaska is said to be able to hold over a million..

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