Says 100 – Getting settled in with my new digs.

2012 Oct 02 I was looking out my window of my new place, surveying the neighborhood and property when I noticed some “plants” growing between the shed and the backyard fence. I took my camera and used my telephoto zoom to have a closer look and sure enough, there were at least 20 + marijuana plants. So the obvious observation is that if he is growing it, he must also be smoking it. When I was originally looking at the place, he told me that a former OPP officer lived beside him. I wondered what arrangement he had with him that would allow him to grow weed in his backyard. The other thing is that the house is right next to a public school yard. Sure there is a fence, a small buss and a row of cedar trees blocking the view of the plants, but it wouldn’t take much for some curious student to look over the fence and into the yard, especially when the plants are higher than the fence.

20102 Oct 03, Paul, the owner, has a Rottweiler dog that is maybe a year or so old. He keeps the dog locked up in a cage in his room from the time when he leaves to go to work until he gets home at night. Tonight I heard the dog whining as he didn’t get home until around 9:00 pm. I was talking with Harry, the older tenant about the dog and that while I felt sorry for it, I didn’t want to become the dog sitter. Letting the dog out in the back yard, getting it back in and making sure that it wasn’t “chewing” things it shouldn’t and then putting it back it its cage is not a chore that I’m interested in.

This situation reminds me of when I was staying at my ex-wife’s place when she got the standard poodle pup and then had me look after it, taking it for a walk and such. Having a pet, especially a dog is like having a child, as they need not only care but also attention and to lock them in a cage is inhumane. Why have a dog if you can’t look after it in the way it needs to be looked after.

That evening my door was partly open and I could hear Paul talking with Harry across the hallway, and then Paul went into the bathroom to have a shower. A few minutes later a young man that I had never seen before (that had been drinking) popped his head into my room and with nodding head and a drunken grin, slurred, “What’s up?” I was working on my computer at the time and as I looked up at him, I said with a voice of disgust, “What’s up with you and who in the hell are you?” He backed off and I could then hear him talking to Harry and then a moment later, Paul joined the conversation. I could now hear this drunk boasting that they were going to a strip club to see some naked women and that us “older” guys should go as we might get lucky. The last part was either said louder, or the drunk guy had turned his head and directed his comment at me. I didn’t respond as I wasn’t sure if it was meant for me or Harry as I heard Harry talking to him but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Anyway, A few minutes the two of them left.

Paul has a girlfriend that has a four-year-old daughter that I’ve met, so why he feels he needs to go out to see strippers with this drunkard friend is beyond me. Man, what is it with these drunks and potheads and their womanizing.