Says 19 – Hearing loss in left ear and visit to the Doctor

2012 Feb 24 Friday. Back on Feb 03 Says 05  I got an ear infection and I’ve been treating it with olive oil and inserting a small wad of cotton batten to keep the oil in place.  A couple of weeks ago I asked my guides if I needed to go see the Doctor to have my left ear flushed out, and I got the answer, “No.”

My hearing was getting better, but then took a turn last weekend and since then it hasn’t gotten any better and so yesterday, I asked my guides again and I got the answer, “Yes.” I was confused, but I called the Doctor this morning and to my surprise, I got an appointment for 10:30 this morning.

I went for my appointment and before the Doctor examined my ear, I removed the cotton batten wad. He looked in my ear and said there was something stuck in my ear. My first thought (fear) was an insect as what else could it be. He got out his bag of tools and with a tweezer like instrument; he pulled out a wad of cotton batten. I was surprised, but immediately realized it was the cotton batten wad that I thought had fallen out of my ear during my sleep, a week ago. When I woke up, it wasn’t in my ear and I couldn’t find it in my bed so I assumed that it had fallen out and dropped down behind the bed.

The Doc then flushed my right ear and removed a little bit of wax. I asked him if he was going to flush my left ear and he said it was fine, there was no wax in it. I then asked him why I still couldn’t hear with my left ear and he said that the cotton batten wad had been pushed against my ear drum and that it would take a couple of days for things to right themselves. I felt like a dummy, but that also explains why my guides had changed their answer.

Says 05 – Nose, ear, and throat issues

In 2011 June 30  Post 806 Hearing issues I had an ear and throat infection and while I thought I got rid of it and had cured my ear problem, I’ve never been really able to clear the feeling that I’m still coming down with something. I’d be fine for a week or two and then feel I was getting a cold, and that would last a week or so without any real break. It’s also put my exercise routine on a hold.

Well during the past couple of months, I’d be sneezing  like crazy one day, and then feel fine for two or three days. Then I’d get a runny nose for a day, and then be fine for another two or three, and then I’d have a tickle in my chest/throat and I’d be coughing for a day or two and then I’d be fine, and then I’d start the cycle all over again.  It’s been really weird.

Well yesterday, on top of my sneezing and coughing I also got my ear infection back. It’s not as bad as the last time, but it is sore and I have diminished hearing in my left ear. I’ll be putting some olive oil into it for the next few days to see if I can get it unblocked, if not, I’ll have to see my Doc and get the wax syringed out of my ear.